We reinterpret common spaces promoting interaction between the viewer and their environment, through installations and artistic interventions

We are a workshop dedicated to wall art, mainly paintings and sculptures.

We explore with shapes and colors to achieve new textures and shades in each work.

Elena and Ampi have been partners for more than 6 years and friends since college.


We managed to make a balanced team where each one has an essential role to overcome challenges and create original and functional pieces of art for each new space.


We focus on the needs of the client but we also dedicate time to create pieces for Arozarena I De La Fuente

  • LILY

    Project Coordinator. In addition to having started the workshop, she has an ability to learn and solve everything in a creative and functional way. She is persistent with challenges, has contagious laugh and has the best attitude. We feel lucky to have her as a friend and co-worker!


    Machine manager. He brightens our days when entering the workshop with his famous phrase: "Today I come well and happy." Solutions are always at hand when he is around. Always positive, Salva has been a present in all our experiences throughout the past years.

  • KARI

    In charge of the assembly. She is diligent and detailed, Kari always has a smile and is ready to help anyone who needs a hand. She is a key piece for complex and highly precise works. Her affection feels like a big hug in our workshop.


    With his limitless creativity and outstanding attitude, Lalo lifts our spirits and cheers the whole workshop up. He is an essential piece within the team!

  • ESPE

    Responsible for all the details in our pieces. Always punctual and organized. Espe has a persevering personality which finds ways to simplify tasks. Her positivity, laughter and great sense of humor brightens our every day.


    Master of textiles, his wise comments brighten our workshop creating spontaneous laughs all around. Don Juan brings new topics and ways of achieving specific goals. He is always eager to learn.

  • AMPI

    Relentless and proactive, Ampi is searching for solutions and creating new pieces. She is the most generous friend and advisor on the team. A person you will always want to have around.


    CNC Manager. Daniel always has an
    outstanding atittude towards learning
    and discovering new useful methods.
    He is extremely precise with details and


    Asesora cada movimiento desde su larga experiencia y trayectoria como administrador, contador y artista. Julio nos llena de alegría con sus historias, dichos y gran humor.

  • FER

    Además de sus carcajadas constantes, Fer tiene una empatía especial, es perseverante en cada tarea a realizar.


    Encargado del orden, las plantas y la limpieza del taller. Justo es atento y puntual, siempre llega con una excelente actitud y sonrisa.

  • CHUY

    Nos comparte diario de sus habilidades en la carpintería y el aluminio. Chuy, siempre está dispuesto a ayudar en lo que se necesite.